About Joshua

Do you love start-ups? Do you love entrepreneurship? Do you love technology? If you raised your hand for any of those categories, then I salute you. You’re in good company.

I love everything about start-ups. I love the culture, the fast paced environment, the opportunities for innovation, and most of all, the ability to own your work. Every level of a start-up is interesting to me. The category doesn’t matter too much as long as there is an opportunity.

I like to try to add value through everything I do. How can I add value to you? Perhaps it’s just from some small insight I’ve come by in my blog. Or perhaps it’s more.

By training, I’m a mechanical engineer. I also have an MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship. I’ve also worked in IT professionally. I’ve consulted for market research reports, product development and design, CAD modeling, database and IT administration, and many other areas.

Please feel free to contact me just to say hi, make a new network connection, or to ask for my help. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ll be a valuable addition to my personal network.


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